DESI is a  gorgeous Landseer with a Large frame and blocky head. Desi  is truly a gentle giant and exemplifies the best that the breed has to offer.  BLUE  is a black female who carries the Landseer gene so we expect both black and Landseer puppies in this litter. Blue is a very athletic Newfoundland with outstanding structure and is our best therapy dog. Desi and Blue make beautiful babies together.  
 BLUE                  Their babies                 DESI

Our Newfs are a part of our family and our puppies are whelped in our home where they are socialized  daily.  We are very selective in our breeding program with our goal being to produce the perfect Newfoundland puppy.  We generally only raise one litter a year as quality not quantity is our goal.  We do take reservations for puppies in upcoming litters and generally most puppies are reserved by their families prior to the actual whelping date.  
All of our puppies are AKC Registered and come with a written contract
and Health Guarantee. Registration is limited unless going to a show home. We ask for  a spay and nueter contract on all non-show dogs and also ask that all puppies attend puppy obediance classes for proper socialization & training. If you are looking for a noble and majestic addtion to your family and don't mind drool and slobery kisses then look no further as a Newfoundland is truely a gentle and loving giant.

BOOMER Our male Landseer taking his babies for a walk.  It was love at first sight when we first laid eyes on Boomer. He was a chubby rolly polly furry bundle of love and once the " Boom" entered our lives we were hooked on Newfs.  We did hospital visits and Elder care visits with our Newfs and  whatched first hand the joy that these Gentle giants brought into people's lives.  Many people that fell in love with our dogs found it difficult to find a Newf of their own to bring home and love and thus we decided to breed a litter of Newfoundland puppies a year to help families find their own "perfect" Newf.        
Puppies from Blue & Desi's previous litters
More pictures of  our dogs and puppies at work and play.     
Sophie the Granddam          3 week old Landseer puppy           Boomer & Goldie 

Sisters                       Sophie, Boomer & Desi                     Blanca                            
Blue & Boomer          Boomer the patriarch
Doc male Landseer               Desi                Bob & Hansel at 3 weeks

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